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Working Together for Optimal Patient Outcomes

Education. Support. Opportunity. Representation


Welcome to the New Zealand Animal & Veterinary Physiotherapy Association (NZAVPA) website.

We are a group of New Zealand Board Registered Physiotherapists with postgraduate qualifications in veterinary or animal physiotherapy.

We provide physiotherapy for horses, dog, cats and other animals

NZAVPA has three main objectives;

1. To actively support, promote & provide professional development & continuing education for both our members & veterinary physiotherapy postgraduate students

2. To advocate the benefits of our profession to dog/cat/horse owners & stakeholders, as well as to equestrian riders

3. To advocate the benefits of our profession to the wider veterinary industry.

A little about us....The NZAVPA was founded in 2007 by vet physios, Sarah Cruickshank & Lindsey Skinner. Whilst working in the UK & being a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT), Sarah realised NZ would need an equivalent organisation for support, recognition & advocacy of the profession. 

On Sarah's permanent return to NZ in late 2008, there were only 4 qualified animal & veterinary physiotherapists in the entire country... & there are now over 25+.

Currently the NZAVPA has 22 members & is growing. We invite suitably qualified animal & veterinary physiotherapists to join us.

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To positively promote animal & veterinary physiotherapy in NZ to veterinarians, veterinary specialists, clients/owners, Physiotherapy NZ (PNZ), NZ Physiotherapy Board, hydrotherapists, veterinary nurses, Allied Veterinary Professional Regulatory Council NZ (AVPRC) & the wider physiotherapy & veterinary industry.

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